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Innovative Therapies for Cardiovascular Disorders

The aim of this planned project is to strengthen R & I capacities within the program area to promote the development of innovative therapies for cardiovascular disorders by

  Developing innovative technologies, concepts and therapeutic solutions that could improve the conditions of people affected by such syndromes (approximately 30% of the population in Europe is affected by cardiovascular diseases) and

Combining expertise in surgery, transplantation, cellular biology, biomedical engineering, physiology and bioinformatics



About 30% of the European population suffers from cardiovascular disease, and about 40% of deaths in Italy and 45% in Austria are related to it (Eurostat data 2015). The participating research institutes will contribute their expertise in physiology, biology, transplant surgery, biomedical engineering and bioinformatics to identify new concepts and molecular mediators capable of modulating cardiac function. In particular, the role of mechanical forces in controlling the regenerative properties of cardiac cells will be investigated. Muscle and vascular cells derived from induced human pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) will be used to facilitate translation to human tissue in the preliminary stages of pharmacological research. The creation of a common platform for the study of the electrical and mechanical properties of cardiac cells and a Virtual Center of Competence (VCC) will ensure the sustainability of the project and the further research of obtained results after its completion.

Specific Target

> Strengthening R&I capacity in the key area of cardiovascular disease through sustainable cross-border scientific collaboration and the creation of joint research and data collection infrastructures.
> Strengthening the partners‘ technical-scientific capacities by consolidating their collaborations, through joint pilot projects and personnel exchanges.
> Promoting the training of young researchers in the field of cardiovascular diseases through seminars, workshops and knowledge exchange.

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